Prosperous Lebanon

The best way to develop the most deprived areas of Lebanon is by supporting income-generating activities.

This support would not only preserves essential skills but allows workers to invest in their abilities and improve in their profession. Live Lebanon will give hard working farmers, fishermen and other workers the support they need to invest in themselves and be able to excel in their fields of work.

If interested in learning more about our Income-Generating projects visit “Our Projects” and discover how you can contribute to local development in Lebanon.

Young Lebanon

with more than 20 per cent of its people under the age of 15. Youth activities in most areas are not well-developed and teenagers have no access to public recreational facilities where they can perform sports and develop their social and interpersonal skills.

Education is the most essential gift we give to our children. In several areas of Lebanon, however, schools lack adequate teaching material in their facilities.

Some schools are forced to adjourn classes prior to schedule due to electricity shortages. Most lack adequate material and equipment for teaching and inspiring the creative development of their students. LIVE LEBANON targets these schools,

LIVE LEBANON, with your support, aims to provide appropriate educational stationary and equipment as well as to encourage youth to engage in sports and recreational activities in well-established and managed facilities.

If interested in learning more about the youth campaign visit “Our Projects” to support Lebanon’s youth.





Green Lebanon

Lebanon is known to be the land of the cedars, green mountains, and a pleasant environment. However, the current state of the environment is at risk.

Deforestation, wild fires, and rapid urbanization threaten the country’s green areas. In most cities in Lebanon, green areas are becoming rare. Most neighbourhoods lack parks and green spaces where children can play and members of the community can recreate.

LIVE LEBANON’s environment campaign seeks to restore Lebanon’s green areas and public gardens, allowing for appropriate playgrounds for children and venues where members of the community could meet.

If interested in learning more about our Environment campaign visit “Our Projects” and discover how you can make Lebanon greener.

Healthy Lebanon

Lebanon has made important improvements in its healthcare system. Nonetheless, significant regional disparities in the country prove that receiving adequate medical attention is difficult.

Only 45 per cent of the population benefits from some type of health insurance, leaving significant numbers of people uninsured and dependent on local health dispensaries which charge patients minimal fees. Many of these clinics are not well equipped and some were severely destroyed in the past conflict in 2006.

Through LIVE LEBANON you have an opportunity to support Lebanon’s disadvantaged population to receive basic medical treatment they need. Live Lebanon has successfully implemented several Health projects such as the one in Kfardines or in Marj Aoun.

If interested in learning more about our Health campaign visit "Our Projects” and discover how you can support health projects in the most deprived areas of Lebanon.

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