• Where

    Mount Lebanon & Beirut, Haret Hreik
  • Who

    1000 elderly in the area
  • Why

    While ageing is a natural phenomenon, its implications on the social status of the elderly is quite significant. Despite the respect that the Lebanese culture promotes towards the elderly, they still find themselves in many cases marginalized and isolated from society. Due to lack of entertainment and physical exercise, the elderly are increasingly suffering from deteriorated health and psychological distress. For that reason, Live Lebanon’s Health Campaign has implemented a large project that will bring emotional support and physical activity into their lives in Haret Hreik where the number of elderly is considerably high.
  • How

    Exercise and socializing are key for healthy aging. Live Lebanon’s Health Campaign aims at promoting this initiative by providing a relaxing and entertaining environment to the large community of elderly people in Haret Hreik and their families. Instead of staying at home in isolation, the elderly would have access to the health and fitness center that the Live Lebanon team has proudly planned to put in place. Most importantly, socializing would bring moral and emotional support to this underprivileged part of the Lebanese community. The equipment of this center would include the appropriate physiotherapy machinery to help alleviate the health expenses that the elderly currently struggle to endure. Over 1,000 families will benefit from the implementation of this health project.
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