Feeding The Homeless

27% of the population roaming the streets and living below the poverty line with less than 4 USD a day. On Sunday Jan 21, 2018 we had the opportunity with the support of Hocus Pocus to serve around a hundred homeless person. We listened to their unique and compelling stories. It was heartwarming, heartbreaking but at the same time rewarding.
They might be homeless but their vibrant presence made us all feel at home.
Volunteers (Hocus Pocus members and Live Lebanon team) cooked and served food at L’Avocat Badaro. Listening to their unique journeys and drawing a smile on their faces was indeed moving and made it all worthwhile. We are planning to go on the streets in the coming weeks to serve more people so stay tuned.

نهار الاحد 21كانون الثاني  قامت مبادرة "عيش لبنان"التابعة لبرنامج الامم المتحدة الانمائي بالتعاون مع الاب مجدي علاوي ,وجمعية هوكسبوكس النسائية بجمع 100 مسن من الفقراء والذين ليس لديهم ماوى وقدمت الطعام لهم,في مطعم بدارو.كان نهار ممتع مؤثر  مليئ بالعطاء والحب .   lavocat

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