Sea Dive Clean Up

Thirsty of seeing your mother nature beautiful and thriving? There is a reason behind divers showing up for organized dive-site clean-ups, which is to allow sites to return to their natural state.

On the Weekend of the 14th  and 15th of October 2017, 117 divers from all over the world carried out a clean-up below the waves -one of many initiatives emerging from Lebanon's civil society as a call for action and also a response to the failure to address a long-running garbage crisis. But what they're looking for under the ocean surface is not treasure, it is trash. They have resulted in the collection of 2 tons of underwater waste. Therefore, Scuba divers have the unique ability to access debris that is stuck at the bottom of the sea.

            “Coastal Clear” is an initiative by Maya Saad, an LA based scuba-diver who came to Lebanon to clean the waters. The cleanup took place in 8 different spots across Lebanon from Anfeh all the way to Tabarjah. Special thanks and big support to the volunteering program whom was in partnership with Live Love Beirut and brought these people together from all over the world for this noble cause.


نهار السبت والاحد  الواقعين  في 14و15 تشرين الثاني وفي إطار الاهتمام بالبيئة البحرية ,تطوع 117 غواص من مختلف انحاء العالم للغوص في قاع البحار وتنظيفها حيث تم سحب 2 طن من المخلفات العالقة في اعماق البحار .

ان مبادرة "تنظيف الساحل" كانت  من قبل  مايا سعد  من لوس اجلس في امريكا ,التي اتت الى لبنا ن لتنظيف البحر,لقد تم تنظيف 8 مواقع مختلفة من السواحل اللبنانية.

هذا النشاط اتى بالشتراك مع "الشباب التطوعي"و"عيش حب بيروت"الذي جمع هؤلاء المتطوعين حول هذا الهدف النبيل.

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